To help with court allocation and tournament grading, the following explains the badminton skills standards and playing grades to help decide which grade best describes your level.

This grading table should only be used as a rough guide and shows the varying standards seen within the Smashers Badminton Club.

As you progress, your grade will improve and both your initial and on-going grading can be a discussion between yourself and the club coach.

Ref. Grad. Def. Definition
1 A+ Top Player Top players in all aspects of the game with no discernible weaknesses. Able to play all shots with a high level of consistency and very few unforced errors.
2 A Expert ​Strong players able to play the majority of shots well including steep powerful smashes and strong backhands. These players also make use of deception, possess good footwork, and on-court awareness.
3 A- Advanced Mastery all shots, exceptional technical ability with advanced tactics and ability to rally, move opponents and create openings to finish points.
4 B+ Upper Intermediate Good players with competitive edge, able to rally and employ good tactics. Backhand and court position are potential weaknesses.
5 B Intermediate Sound players, able to put up a good fight and return most shots. These players have honed their skills but there is often room for improvement. Typically, smashes lack of power, backhands are weak, and shots can be inconsistent and inaccurate.
6 B- Lower Intermediate Ability to execute and receive all badminton shots. Good control of the shuttle with some tactics to exploit opponents’ weaknesses. Can be inconsistent and inaccurate.
7 C+ Strong Social Player Social players who typically have more than a year of badminton under their belt. Able to execute basic badminton shots and sustain rallies. These players still are working on their control and power. They typically lack footwork and struggle to play backhand shots.
8 C Good Social Player Ability to execute and receive all badminton shots with basic control and rudimentary use of tactics.
9 C- Novice Learning to execute and receive the fundamental badminton strokes e.g. low serve, smash & drop shots but can participate in a competitive rally.
10 D Beginner No/little prior experience of playing badminton.