Tournament Rules

If you would like to try us out before becoming a member, or if you are visiting Melbourne; you are welcome to play with us.

You can do this by registering as a Guest. Registering as a Guest is simple and you don’t need to pay until you arrive at the session.

The sessions are very popular and the number of places is limited.

Please Note: If you have not registered for a session, you will not be able to play.

You can register for a session up to seven days in advance. If you cannot see a session listed, please check our Playing Calendar to see if we are playing that day.

As a Guest, you need to go through the registration process every time you wish to play. Alternatively, you can sign up as a Member, then the Pre-registration process is not required Memberships

Guest Registration

If you would like to attend a session as a Guest, please follow these steps:

Firstly, please complete the online waiver form (you only need to do this once, it will cover you for every session you attend as a guest)

The aim of our tournaments is to hold a competitive day of badminton, but with the social element still important. The rules below are to ensure fairness for all.

Note: Tournament Rules are subject to change for each tournament, and the rules defined for each tournament will take precedence. However, the below provide a guide for how the club expects tournaments to proceed.